Clara Juanes Vallejo
Agile-en-Seine Speaker Olivier Flou

Thales Digital Factory: Disrupting culture across the group (EN)

Clara Juanes-Vallejo ; Olivier Flous

Thales Digital Factory

17 septembre 2019 / 10h45-11h30


Conférence #Culture #Disrupting
45 minutes

The Thales Digital Factory is a technology and cultural disruptor and a startup incubator that helps drive the group’s digital transformation through the development and transfer of MVPs and the implementation of best practice via the Digital Academy.

We are based in central Paris, Montreal and Singapore and our working practices are based around having a full, flat, Agile organisation (not just software! Not just engineering! EVERYONE) based on Teal principles.

Come and hear how we work at the Digital Factory and how it inspires the rest of the group to culturally transform.