How do we do Product at Spotify ? – FR

mardi 17 septembre

10h30 - 11h15

When was the last time you heard about how we do Product at Spotify? Don’t waste your time searching : either it’s been more than a decade – and it’s outdated, or never. We end up communicating very little on how we do things – being very busy in connecting billions of music lovers to millions of artists and audio creators.

Get a taste of how Spotify, make awesome products. What’s in the mix that makes our products consistently successful for more than 10 years? What makes us different from other big techs? How do we jam with OKRs & Bets, agile stuff, data and insights, Continuous Discovery, Design Thinking, Lean UX, Service Design, the most advanced technologies and some ABBA tunes to rock the place ?

Be ready to be surprised ! Stay tuned !