How to successfully implement change in your organization (REX Dashlane) – EN

mercredi 20 septembre

09h30 - 10h15
  1. Analyze the company processes.
    1. What are the processes/initiatives/tools that are not working (pain points, blockers, bottlenecks…) what is slowing us down, and why.
    2. Analyze what among these processes/initiatives/tools have the biggest negative impact on the company.
  2. Find the best solution (RFC= Request for comment demonstration).
  3. Make the final decision and communicate it (Decision Record demonstration).
  4. Implement change (rollout process,Adoption plan, communication, training, automation, issue bot).
  5. Measure success (Metrics, Feedback, Follow up tasks).
  6. Use case 1: Project: Dashlane SSO
  7. Use case 2: Policy: TAT