Sustainability with SAFe — Can SAFe be an accelerator of the sustainability transition? (EN)

mercredi 20 septembre

11h30 - 12h15

SAFe helps the business, by helping products go to market fast and productively. But what about the planet? Is SAFe doomed to help companies (more efficiently) add to the 4% of the world’s footprint created by digital, and increase (faster) the impact of e-commerce and travel booking?

Or can SAFe be the basecamp for companies to build sustainability in their decision-making in a systemic way?

We will discuss how the SAFe framework could…
– help translate sustainability strategy to sustainable products (think strategic themes, LPM, OKR…)
– build sustainability in day-to-day decision making (think sustainability NFR and acceptance criteria, sustainability-infused WSJF…)
– avoid waste in delivery by optimizing the system as a whole

Remember, customer centricity was the big jump between SAFe 4.0 and SAFe 5.0. Could sustainability be the big jump between SAFe 6.0 and 7.0? We won’t pretend it’s easy, and will look at the difficulty and even paradox of leveraging SAFe for sustainability. But we’ll invite the believers in SAFe’s potential to consider this opportunity and work on it with us.