Arnaud chivard

Arnaud chivard

Head of Performance Management & Improvement

Airbus Defence and Space

Arnaud spent 6 years working for Philips Semiconductors in UK and France in various roles in the domain of Digital TV. Then he moved to Switzerland to become Head of Quality and Operations for Nagra-Kudelski where during 10 years he and his team established the complete quality management system, leading to a CMMI Level 3 certification first in Europe, and then worldwide in China, USA and India. Only when having reached CMMI L3 had Nagra started its Scaled Agile transformation, and moved to a complete SAFe Portfolio while maintaining its CMMI Level 3. In 2018 Arnaud moved to Airbus Defence & Space to lead their Scaled Agile transformation, originally only for Engineering, but in 2020, his role got extended to the full Scaled Agile Transformation of the company, the deployment of Value Management (EN12973) as well as the Continuous Improvement and Performance Management of Engineering.

What drives Arnaud is to lead large-scale transformation programs to improve the operational efficiency of organizations and the quality of their products.

For this he is pragmatically using all frameworks available, but developed an expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, Scaled Agile (SAFe, LeSS) and CMMI (DEV, SVC, pCMM, v2).