Eduardo Alvim

Eduardo Alvim

SPCT, Senior Trainer and Consultant, Agile Globetrotter

Gladwell Academy France

Eduardo is the first and (thus far) only Spanish & Portuguese speaking qualified SPCT in the world, also delivering trainings in English and French.

Prior to becoming SPCT, Eduardo gained extensive working experience in the areas of software development, IT and team management. Eduardo has implemented Agile ways of working in industries as diverse as aviation, healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking & insurance, media and IT. This has led to extended practical knowledge of the need for agile ways of working and firsthand examples of the benefits of implementing SAFe.

Eduardo strongly believes in extending transformation processes companywide to stay at the forefront of our post-digital economy. As SPCT, he emphasizes strategic approaches, measurable business objectives and outcomes and a clear purpose. He holds certifications as CSM, PSMI, PSMII, CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, SA, SPC, RTE, LPM, ICP-ATF and others.

Eduardo’s motivation as a coach is edged in providing organisations the right framework to structurally improve and give individuals the tools to thrive in their respective roles, reason why you’ll see him performing as speaker in the most prestigious events about agile and agility around the world.