Julia Västrik

Julia Västrik

Agile Coach, Agile Estonia

Scoro Software

During her career in IT Julia has been Software Engineer, Project Manager, Scrum Master and Enterprise Agile Coach and now she works as an Agile Coach in a start-up company, where the team experiments a lot with different approaches like dynamic reteaming, mission framework, distributed leadership, whole team innovation and experimentation mindset, with the highlight of embracing 4-day work week.

Julia is really passioned about team coaching, being a genuine believer in a huge potential of teamwork, she is also enthusiastic about designing inspiring trainings and facilitating creative workshops, as well as running experiments at all levels: personal, teams, organization.

Julia drives Agile community in Estonia, she has started Tallinn Agile Meetups and now she is also an organizer of Agile Saturday Tallinn conferences, a community events, free for all Agile enthusiasts.

And a several facts about Julia’s country Estonia:
– Estonia has the most startups per capita in Europe
– Estonia has the most unicorns per capita in Europe
– Estonia leads Europe in investments per capita