Agile for Physical products: the case study of Dainese (EN)

mercredi 20 septembre

11h30 - 12h15

Dainese was facing a big challenge: to develop the key product of their bike helmet range in a very short time, within a given budget and with the greatest value for the customer. They decided to be pioneers in the use of Agile for the development of physical products.

During this talk we will go through the story of this product, providing a compelling example of what is the Agile approach outside the IT industry. This is a real story from the trenches, and we will explain the key factors to success as well as the shortcomings and the obstacles we had to overcome.

This case study will highlight how an Agile approach can be beneficial in a complex environment like the one Dainese had to operate:
– a new technology to master
– a brand new plant to produce the product
– a global supply chain to set up and to coordinate

We will go demonstrate how the use of an Agile approach in the context of physical products can be beneficial to create value for the customer and for the business, specifically:
– how to do the test and learn to validate or invalidate hypothesis on the product and on the business model
– how to manage the risks
– what it means an incremental and adaptive approach for hardware

This talk wants to provide the audience with practical tips to use when implementing agile in the development of physical products.