The Whole Team Approach to Innovation (EN)

mardi 19 septembre

15h00 - 15h45

Who is responsible for innovation? People with a word “Innovation” in their job title, like Innovation managers in Innovation Hubs? Certainly, these people can be innovation catalysts.

Still the vast potential of very intelligent, creative, and educated people, who could contribute to the company’s innovations on an everyday basis, stays mostly unused. Usually, these people have a Software Engineer job title.

Over the last two decades agile way of working became prevailing within many cross-functional teams in the software development industry. However, most of those teams can be called cross-functional just so far, as what they are mostly doing is just transforming a set of requirements received from outside, usually from stakeholders, into working software.

In more progressive companies the decision-making regarding product has moved from stakeholders to product managers and eventually it is moving to the whole cross-functional teams, still such mindset shift is not that common.

During this session we will explore what are the benefits of placing product discovery inside the cross-functional team using the great potential of all its members, discuss how to encourage Software Engineers to participate in Product Discovery and learn practical tools how to start embracing the whole team innovation mindset.

Notes and comments

– The session will be delivered in English