You As The Product: Reinvent Yourself Using Lessons from Product Innovation

mercredi 18 septembre

16h30 - 17h15

What if you treated your career like a cutting-edge product?

The most successful companies constantly reinvent themselves by exploring the future while excelling at exploiting the present to stay ahead of everybody else and beat disruption.

Successful professionals embrace the same strategy – they excel at what they are doing currently while constantly exploring new opportunities to stay relevant and maximize their market opportunities.

There are many common points between product development and professional development, as in addition to being human beings, we are also economical products in the open professional market. Because of this, we can learn valuable lessons from Product Innovation and use them to innovate our careers.

During the session, we will explore the foundations of Product Innovation and see how the principles from this field can be applied to our professional development to fuel our growth and enable us to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market.

You will learn actionable tools and strategies for constantly reinventing and elevating your professional life, allowing you to fearlessly face disruptive market changes and stay invincible in the long run.